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Stories In Stone Calendar 2025

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12 Original Watercolour Artworks by Preeti Bhatnagar (Insta @samanilai)Embark on a captivating exploration of global architectural wonders with 'Stories in Stone,' a collection of 12 watercolor artworks...

12 Original Watercolour Artworks by Preeti Bhatnagar 

(Insta @samanilai)

Embark on a captivating exploration of global architectural wonders with 'Stories in Stone,' a collection of 12 watercolor artworks by Preeti Bhatnagar. Each masterpiece comes to life on tree-free upcycled cotton scrap plantable paper, embedded with seeds of various flowers, vegetables, and herbs. 

Every month unveils a new chapter in this visual odyssey. From the glamorous Alai Darwaza to the gleaming forts of Jaisalmer, the majestic Mazar-e-Sharif from Afghanistan standing tall, a contemplative balcony from Kullu, and a regal corridor from Bharatpur – each painting is a silent storyteller, capturing the essence of history, stories, and magic through stone.

This mesmerizing watercolor narrative showcases intricate details and timeless beauty, immersing you in the delicate strokes that breathe life into the pages. Uncover hidden stories engraved in stone walls, tales of resilience, innovation, and the indomitable spirit of human creativity.

Join us in this immersive experience where art, sustainability, and growth intertwine, revealing a new chapter of history each month. Plant the seed paper, nurture it with care, and watch the story bloom.

12 Sheets of Plantable Months
1 Sheet ‘About the Calendar’
Pine wood stand with wooden nails

Choose from: 

Holey Stand
Easel Stand

Paper Sheets: 4.75” x 7.75”


About the Artist

Preeti Bhatnagar is an artist with roots from Agra, currently working as an environmental consultant in Stockholm. She is an architect with a focus on alternative sustainable practices, a mural painter, & a zero-waste warrior. 'Samanilai', her online alias, is a Tamil word, which means 'Balance'.
In her own words, she fell in love with the language and the word when she was working as an architect in the quaint town of Auroville, Tamil Nadu. In her professional career, she is inclined towards alternative sustainable practices with a strong focus on bamboo and earthen construction techniques. In her personal life, exploring art, especially watercolors, has brought emotional and mental balance back, the Samanilai back.

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